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Thread: Seward Silver advice?

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    Default Seward Silver advice?

    Hello fishermen,
    How are the silvers doing in seward?
    I've got my boat up and going and now looking for advice to catch some silvers in Ressurection bay.
    I'm setup's to troll flashers, plugs, flatfish, kwikfish using downrigger's and do have a fish finder.
    Any advice as to where I should start to look for them in the bay?
    When I locate a school, what do you recommend that I do next, besides getting the hooks in the water?
    Thanks in advance for the boating/fishing advice!!!
    I've always fished from the bank in the past, this will be a new experience for myself and my girl.
    Thanks again

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    Right now you can catch them very close to the harbor entrance. Just hook a left and start trolling. You can also go further out and troll around the islands. Groups of boats make it pretty obvious most times.

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    Thanks AK2AZ for the tip, I dont know anything about the bay out of Seward.

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    I fish Seward with no electronics and I would also start trolling to left in front of the coal shoot out to the dry dock/cell tower. We troll around 19 to 32 pulls with pink lady divers with #6 Vibrax no flasher. Some type of orange color is a good color to start with. Don't be afraid to change colors. I have had luck with the black glitter Vibrax. Also don't be afraid to leave the group of boats and head over by the sea life center/green pavillion.

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    How much longer this season for Seward silvers? Hoping to get out Tues. or Wed.

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    Well has any one been fishing Silvers lately? I'm thinking about draging the boat down and giving it a try.



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