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Thread: DC480 Reports

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    Default DC480 Reports

    Hey all,

    Curious if there are any new reports on Caribou movement. I spend two days up there last week and ran in 35 miles behind Eureka toward Daisy Creek and only saw a few cows and calves. Wouldn't mind making another run up so just curious is anyone has any new intel...


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    When ya get some intel, mark a bull on your gps for me! One that is alive by the way! Then wait me for in the parking lot to guide me to it, I'll help pack out and butchers yours man! Garage butcher set up has done 3 caribou this year, none mine! My tag is starting to burn a hole in my pocket! Might make it up there this weekend, waiting for intel too if any numbers moved into where we hunted two weeks ago, only seen 3, 8 people or so goin up ridges and walking the trail and they juked all the people but my buddy! I was to far away and never seen the caribou pull the sneaky move. Good times and seen some new pretty awesome country!


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