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Thread: Anyone own a CZ- Double Barrel in one of the "Mini's".....???

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    Default Anyone own a CZ- Double Barrel in one of the "Mini's".....???

    Thinking of trading my PFD check for one of these. Anyone own one, or know anything negative about them.......????

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    A buddy of mine has the Ringneck in 28ga..... a steal for the price and a grouse killing machine.
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    The guns from Turkey are much better today than they were fifteen years ago.I would take the little 28 SXS with 28" barrels in a heartbeat if offered. Both the O/U and SXS have mechanical triggers a plus
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    My experience with CZ has always been good...they are quality for the money. I did buy a Russian made 28 ga SxS that is a fine gun too...for the money which I think was around $300 used. It has 5 choke tubes and I've only shot dove with it but it patterns as good any 28 ga and it kills well if I'm on the bird. Oh's 5 lbs 9 oz and it fits me just right.
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