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Thread: Did you see girls dipping by watercraft on the Kenai this year?

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    Talking Did you see girls dipping by watercraft on the Kenai this year?

    Hi folks. I'm back from the bush and received n e-mail from a gal that loves her watercraft and fishing too. So she uses her sled as a dipping and fishing platform. She wanted to know if anybody that took photo's would be willing to let her have a picture or two. She said dozens of boats were taking her pictures. Told her I would try. So if you folks were lucky to film her, please pm me and I'll forward her e-mail address. BTW, this gal and a few others has travelled the western coast of Alaska, around the chain and all around Kodiak Island. Gotta hand it to her. Thanks...thewhop
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    I remember bumming a pinch of Skoal off a girl at a football game in high school. I'd like to say it was love at first sight, but honestly, it was a bit odd dipping and spitting with a female.
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