So I'm new to the forums and to hunting. I've lived in Alaska for over 15 years and one could call me a late bloomer when it comes to the outdoors. Never really had someone to mentor me with hunting or fishing (although the latter I've done sparsely on my own).

So this is the first year I actually purchased a hunting license in hopes of getting a moose. I bought a Tikka T3 Lite 300win mag about 3 years ago, strapped a Nikon Monarch UCC scope on it and am just now getting to put it to use. A friend who has hunted for years took me and my 15 year old brother in law (new to the state as of less than 2 months ago) up to Murphy Dome Sunday on opening day for moose. We saw NOTHING. No bull, cow or even grouse. So I talked to another friend who pointed me to a spot for Moose and grouse out in Salcha.

So armed to the teeth for moose and grouse, again we came across NOTHING. We practiced being very quiet and moving slow/waiting and looking at one area for awhile. We came across an area that is lower tundra with some swampy parts. It looks to be an old burn area with tall golden grass. We were told by trusty sources that the area should be crawling with grouse. Obviously its possible that it was just a slow day. Yet I cant help but think I'm doing something fundamentally wrong. We went out at about 6pm til 9pm, hoping to catch a moose moving to open ground or grouse just hanging out.

I'm curious for any pointers as my 15 y/o brother in law is patient when out in the field with me. But each time we have come back empty handed (even when fishing for him, I usually get something) I can tell he looses more and more interest. I'm really hoping to get him interested in hunting and fishing so that he has interests outside of his XboX.

Thanks in advance and for reading my long winded posts.