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    Default Pike Gear

    I've never fished for pike before -- always been a salmon guy -- but plan to give it a try this weekend.

    I'll be on a lake and casting from a canoe. Plan to use a medium weight spinning set-up spooled with 12-pound line.

    Figured I'd buy some steel leaders and pack along some old bass plugs like crankbaits, stick minnows and topwaters. Maybe bring the fly rod as well.

    Will this stuff produce or do I need to adjust the arsenal?

    Advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I recommend using at least 12" steel leaders. Pike dont always strike accurately and sometimes overshoot the lure, a 12" leader gives a little more protection. For the fly rod I always use 20# monofilament for a leader, it is strong enough to hold the fish but not so thick that it is easily cut between their teeth. The 2 best flys patterns I found to be are a deer hair mouse and the Kenai bug. The Kenai bug is my favorite because it is just large (#4 I think) j hook wrapped in flourescent yard with about a 2" tail. It fishes well in weeds and snags where pike like to hide. I used to fish the Dall river a lot and managed to land a 52" log with teeth on my fly rod.

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    my best producer has always been herring, followed by an eigth oz. white jig with a 5 inch purple curly tail worm. I've also gotten a few on a texas rigged worm and some follows on a spinner bait. Of course if you are in a pike lake that has a ton of pike like alexander lake you should have no problem getting them on just about anything, but if its road accessible herring is probably your best bet.
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    Default Pike

    My experience with pike in AK: by accident, we found that a floating black/gold Rapala cast in on/near the bank, then "jerked" into the water and worked that way towards the boat got the pike going good. Problem with weedy areas, those mid size Rapala's have 2 sets of treble hooks, not good with weeds around. Also, Johnson Silver Minnows are weedless spoons that work well;worked great one year at Alexander, next year they weren't so hot, any ideas? Heard black color lures work good there, not sure what to try for a lure though, topwater, spoon, etc?
    Powder Monkey hit a good point; we usually take herring with us and last year I "accidentally" got a 38" because I threw out a chunk of herring w/bobber on an ultralight spinning rod, forgot about it, moved the boat, then caught the rod on its way out! Sometimes those fish aren't too interested in stuff that doesn't move, even bait, but twitch it a little and they take interest.

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    I have also used the Rappala lures, especially the jointed kind. One of the first pike I ever caught during the summer chased it all the way to the bank (I was on a beaver house) and then sat their watching... As soon as I set it back in the water, boom.

    I third the herring argument too.


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