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    decided to go out this morning to take a peak at bird numbers and stoped by 3 bears on kgb to get my stamps. I was late and just was gunna put in an hour or two. well I got a state stamp and asked for a federal stamp and was told they don't carry them because you do not need them in Alaska!!?? ok I know better and read the regs. for a refresher before I left. well I looked on the phone again and nothings changed. as we all know you must have bolth. I just have a very hard time having someone telling people things that are so untrue that most should know but some mite listen too. should the store manager be notified? I mean maybe I am over reacting as we are responsible for the knowledge we use but that's a total load of b.s. anyone been told this as well from them?

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    Educate the guy behind the counter, and if he doesn't listen, then maybe go higher.
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    tried too but kept getting told I am wrong. so I walked away pissed lol. you cant always fix stupid I guess.

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    I just called the store manager (nice guy) and he was aware that they are currently out of federal duck stamps, but was not aware that customers were told they didn't need one. He's going to get with his cashiers to ensure they are passing along the correct info.

    They don't know when they will have more federal stamps.

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    Thats crazy. If you don't know the law you shouldn't give people the wrong info but point out the location of the regs so they can find out for themselves.
    I have always found my local post office to have the federal duck stamps. I always buy mine early even if I am not sure I will hunt I am prepared.
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    well Michael I appreciate the help as the entire site is a world of info and that is going beyond the help I expected but am truly thankful. I think I should call and ask the question of "have you ever sold federal duck stamps" just to see as I was told they never had as that was part of the reason you don't need them or they would. I am pretty sure I just got inaccurate Info from a hooligan. I prefer that if someone is going to load you full then they best zip it as i don't know many people that care for stupid. and as said teaching someone to learn them selves and pointing them the rite direction is the only way instead of such instance as maybe teaching your kid to snag like crazy as the only method lol. and did not know the post office has the stamps so maybe ill try the big lake in the morning. much thanks


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