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    I figured if anyone would know, it would be rafters. I have a power boat with a tiny cuddy...its big enough to curl up inside for a overnight trip, but pretty much everything inside has to go on deck to do so. I have an inexpensive Texsport bag but everything inside of it seems to get soggy even in good weather...I guess from condensation. Mine has a zipper around the top that can be a pain and I think that is where the moisture enters. Is that the nature of the beast or are there bags that really keep things dry? I don't need anything huge...just large enough for a change of clothes or two. Any brand or style suggestions? Thanks for any help on this!

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    Gary - Condensation is normally not that large of a problem if you have a decent dry bag and there are actually very few that will be 100 percent water proof all the time i.e. water will find a way in most extreme conditions. There really are limited options for anything with a Zipper would stay away from them completely.

    IMO Watershed is the best of the best and is a dufflebag style bag little spendy but worth every penny.

    Other reasonable use bags, Seattle Sport bag, Bills Bag NRS, and or Seal Line.

    When it comes apples and apples - your going to spend between $60-130.00 for a good dry bag that will accomplish what you ask it to do.

    You could also go with a OutDoor Research or Sealine inner bag and seal a meal with another i.e. two bag system for about 60.00 -80.00 which helps.

    Best of luck with your choice. If money is not the main concern I would purchase the watershed.

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    I use THIS ONE and have had excellent results. No zipper; it's a roll-top, but if you secure it properly it won't leak.

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    I didn't pay much for mine and I didn't get Thanks, guys. I'll check out your suggestions and get a "real" one this time!


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