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Thread: Transporting Antlers and Meat, Kalamazoo, MI

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    Default Transporting Antlers and Meat, Kalamazoo, MI

    Hey Everyone,

    A few years ago I remember reading about a truck driver that would transport your trophy on a back haul from Alaska. I have searched everything can cannot find that info back. I know he lived in Kalamazoo, MI...close to where I live and hopefully in a couple weeks need a trophy shipped to.


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    I don't think the truck is running this year unfortunately.

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    Default No Meat Haul this year, however..., ,

    Unfortunately, there will be no lower 48 meat haul this year as pointed out. Many of us are going to miss the great service that was provided.

    However, since the question posed may involved shipping gear back which may include antlers I am looking for someone who may want to share the expense of shipping a palletized load of gear back to the midwest, unfortunately, this will not include meat, however, antlers are a possibility.

    In late September, I plan to ship a palletized load of gear back to Indianapolis, from Anchorage (it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive). This includes all of my summer guiding/camping and hunting gear; if luck prevails, also a rack of antlers from my upcoming moose hunt. Currently, I have about 300 pounds of gear going back and there will be room on the pallet for additional gear if someone wants to work with me to share the load/expenses (there is a minimum cost regardless of wt.) I will be more than happy to work with that individual(s) to get their gear to them within a reasonable distance from Indianapolis. Michigan, or surrounding states would be easy. PM me if you're interested in discussing this because trying to ship this much gear back via airline baggage is prohibitive in cost and I would have the room. Unfortunately, one would have to deal with meat in another manner.


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