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Thread: Suggestions for a gravel guard for small outboards/shallow rivers

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    Default Suggestions for a gravel guard for small outboards/shallow rivers

    I am doing my river hunt again this year/sans son, and am looking at taking a small outboard for the several slow sections I could be able to power through(up). It's a 2 hp Honda.. I have a double ender and have fashioned a mount.. a lift would be nice but probably will go low tech(no lift). There are two major portages that keep the power crowd away from this hunt(that and really not many moose).. and I can just take it slow and line the canoe again.. but looking to make it a bit easier. Also would be interested in any experience folks have had with wolves. I will be going higher on the river than last year and was told by the guys that were there last year the wolves were bothersome.. surrounding camp.. following them down river, always around during hunts.. I have never been bothered by predators.. though these guys actually cut their hunt short due to the wolf "problem".. they sounded pretty brazen.

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    You can get an idea from this.

    I would just take my limit on wolves.
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    I read your comments on guards for low HP engines and loss of power..

    As for wolves, yea, that's always been my take on them. These guys from last year were pretty shaken by their encounters.. I was just below them, and had wolves come up to the edge of camp, but never paid much thought to them. Going alone I have a few more concerns than normal..

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    I have a guard off an eng , if you live in or around Anchorage I will be glad to let you look at it an feel it to see what you have to do to get one o fit your small ENG , the one I have will fit & OMC 10 / 15 HP 2 / 4 cycle , [ they are the same ] , all rock guards are a little different do to size of the
    outboard eng , an make, some are made of rod an some out of tubing , but still the same , PM me if you want to see what I have ,
    if it would fit I would give it to you most rock guards are to save the gear BOX not the prop , SID


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