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Thread: Nenana River floatable yet?

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    Default Nenana River floatable yet?


    I was thinking about floating the Nenana River from the Denali hwy back to the Parks hwy this coming weekend. I did the same float 2 summers ago. Does anyone know if it's mostly ice free and runnable or will be by the weekend. Thanks.

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    If you don't get any first hand reports, this NOAA site reports that the Nenana is "mostly open."

    That doesn't sound too promising, but this NOAA site reports that it is flowing at about 7000 cfs near Healy, and is expected to continue rising for the next few days.,1,1,1,1,1

    That sounds fairly high for this time of year so there must be a fairly substantial snow melt in progress. For what its worth, I recall 14,000 cfs as being fairly high summer time flows for the Nenana. I presume 7000 cfs would be mid to low flow. Maybe someone else has been folowing it closer than I though, and can give you a more accurate idea. But either way, 7000 cfs at Healy probably means that it is boatable for the upper section.

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    Default Nenana

    Thanks. Yes, 7,000 cfs sounds like a good bit of water. We may give it a try this weekend.


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