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    Not sure where to ask this question so I reckon here would get me some results.

    I was lazy during the winter (okay moving) and didn't have time to tie some Russian flies. Any members here tying russian flies on the side? I would be interested in buying the lot ....ok alot of them

    Shoot me an email and we can arrange

    One more day and I pick up the new drift boat! Woot can't wait to drown....can you sense my nervousness in regards to rowing:P. I'm used to turn key and zoom outta the situation.



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    I can make you something that works way better than coho flies for $2 each if you really wanna use russian flies make me an offer I can tie em...
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    My family and I used to tie commercialy for several of the shops here in town and many of the lodges. Once Sportsmans Warehouse came around we pretty much quit the family business. Still have the supplies to tie tens of thousands of flies just sitting there. For sockeye we primarily tie sockeye oranges and sockeye greens. A very sparsly tied fly that are the most productive I have ever used. Just a dozen "solid hairs" for the wing (not bucktail-bucktail is hollow and floats and you don't want that in a salmon fly), and a couple turns of saddle hackel for a collar. Tie off a nicely shaped head and your good to go... My son is out of work at the moment and would probably jump at the chance to make a few bucks. Email me at if you are interested.

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    Lightbulb Ebay

    You might try ebay. I don't want to take anyones business away, but I have seen large lots of coho flies for sale on ebay for pretty reasonable prices. Just another idea.

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    Thumbs up Try this guy

    His name is Chad and he'll tie up whatever you want and has great prices (typically $1-$1.50each). He's here in Anchorage so local pickup isn't a problem. He tied up a bunch of Egg Sucking Leaches, Russian River Flies, and some Sockeye Slims for me. Send me an email if you have any questions...


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