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Thread: Delta Clear water - Early October in a Kayak?

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    Default Delta Clear water - Early October in a Kayak?

    Hi guys,

    I have to drive up to Fairbanks for Oct 1st and will have 3-4 days to fish starting on the 4th.

    I was hoping to kayak around there but was not even sure what type of water it is.
    Is it a strong river? A lake? I have no idea! haha!
    I'm mostly interested in targeting grayling, but I know there will be lots of dark silvers.

    If anybody has any safety tips and some fishing tips, that would be awesome.

    thanks in advance
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    Its a river, moves pretty good in some spots. Your best bet would be to get someone to give you a lift up river on a boat or something and floating back down becuase you will NOT be able to paddle up river. Other than that you can set off on foot and wade up river and work the holes and deep spots. Water and air temp will be COLD that time of year.


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