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    Posting a new thread because I didn't find any info on this hunt, (but I'm still looking). I had the any bull tag 3 or 4 years ago...I think there was a fire in the area, (probably one every year), anyway; an elderly lady drew this tag and going to help her out. Just wanted to be able to get in and get out. Took me 4 days to finally find a viewing hill but never saw any antlers. I'm not asking for anyone's secret spots, just something to fill a tag. I ran into some people that lived up there or had cabin on the lake and told me all the property was theirs and their family. They needed some wheeler gas which I helped them out with and I was cut some slack for being up there. Not sure how far back on the trail I would need to go to get into the burn area, should be good feeding by now. I've never made to the Tat or Totat; so not sure if the hunting gets better the farther east you go. Of course I will keep my eyes out for a spike/fork for myself, not sure about finding a 4 brow tiner up there. Thanks for your time everyone!


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    Update, spent the holiday weekend up there with no results. Traveled through the burn area from 2009 and made it to the Tat. Looks impossible to cross with a wheeler due to all the rain. I will be interested to see the success percentage, as all the sign I saw was old (months old). Unless someone has some info, I may have to see what the area biologist knows about it. Local hunters say that ADF&G is screwing up this area with RM hunts for cows and all the any bull tags they give out. Would be nice to get some comments on this area from people who hunt this regularly.

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    I'm hunting this area in the upcoming weeks. I plan on going in on the Ferry Trail. I have been on the bridge years ago but hear things have really changed since the windmill farm went in. I'm reaching out to you or anyone regarding accessing the DM770. I read on one of the posts that gaining access through Usibeli may be an option. I reached out to them with no luck. With all the rain I'm sure the Rex trail is horrible. Does anyone have recent info regarding the Ferry Trail? I know it's private property around the bridge but is there enough room to park a rig for a few days without getting into any problems? Anyone seeing much for moose up the Ferry Trail? Long anyone willing to share some ideas on how to cross the river without dealing with the railroad bridge? I'm looking forward to a good trip to fill my DM770 bull tag with anyones assistance. I've hunted around Healy but would really like to get in somewhere north of Healy if possible. Thanks everyone.

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    Do not cross the river and do not use the actual rail road... only use the ped bridge attached to the railroad. If you can't fit, you need to think of a better plan (<45") for next time.

    Plenty of parking along Ferry Rd.


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