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Thread: Sheep/Goat Hunter HELL & Rope/Ascender/safety equipment

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    Default Sheep/Goat Hunter HELL & Rope/Ascender/safety equipment

    Mountain hunters want to travel lite, but what safety equipment and animal recovery gear do you carry......??? And stories of horrible spots you have found yourself in when mountain hunting.

    I always have rope & lite weight sleeping bag even on day hikes that are not hunting.

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    I guess all the big time sheep hunters are all too busy to chime in on this and my work seems to get in the way of a lot of my fun time on here so I just saw your post but years ago while goat hunting up in your neck of the woods the weather came in on me and a partner and snowed several inches on a sloping hill . I had separated from my partner and was stalking a group of goats with one nice billy in the bunch. I had covered about a 100 yards when my feet went out from under me and with full raingear on went sliding out of control and picking up a lot of speed. Knowing full well that another 150 ft down the slope it dropped off in to a rather nasty boulder field to say I was afraid would be mild. I had now lost my rifle and turned on to my back and was trying to dig my heels in to the slope every inch of the way. At the last second, my heel caught on a rock and I came to a stop. This all took only a few seconds and I just stayed there with my gloved fingers and heels dug in as far as I could get. I stayed there enjoying the view for a short time and then slowly crawled back up to my rifle and then off the slope . Words to my partner were few but to this day when hunting any game above timberline I pack crampons, 100 ft of cord and I also have a tall climbing axe I use while hiking up high. Next time I'm up your way I would love to come out and meet you. Thanks, Ron.

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    My number one piece of safety equipment I take in the mountains is my brain!
    But as far as gear. I never leave camp without my sleeping bag and space blanket. I know know matter what I can just hunker down and stay warm and dry...

    Horrible spots? The worst was a fall off a small face and rolled to a cliff and got broken and bloody. The second worse was getting washed down a river cause of stupid decision and nearly drowned than got hypothermia ( forgot my brain that day)
    I don't carry climbing gear cause there ain't no sheep or goat worth the risk.. I have never seen a situation where I thought that gear would help me either

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    I am interested in hearing about animal recovery also. Been times I have had to rope-up and go down to a hunters sheep & rope the sheep to the mountain & cape it and 1/4 it. I never had an ascender, but I have had times I wish that I had one.

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    I brought 80 feet of a 9 mm climbing rope, a length of 5.5 mm cord to tie a swiss seat(harness) with, and an ATC to Rappel with. I used to be a rock climbing guide, so I have a little more knowledge than average on how to safely use the equipment. I would bring a couple of loops of cord to tie prussiks with to use in place of an ascender. I didn't need the gear to recover my goat, but we made use of it while descending throught the very steep rain forest. We simul-rappeled off of the huge sitka spruce tree lowering our packs ahead of us. It would have been very painstaking to pick our way down the steep terrain and could have proved to be very dangerous also.


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