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Thread: Aleutian geese?

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    I'm in California and I was just wondering if you Alaska hunters hunt Aleutian geese? We have quite a few that winter here on the north coast, but the majority of them stop over here in Humboldt County on their way north. By February 15th or so we're covered with them. We have a late season that runs from about February 20 to March 10th. It's open only on private property to give the ranchers some relief. They are pretty shy but fun hunt. I especially love to listen to them. Their call has a way of getting into your soul.

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    Yes, We get some on the Palmer Hay flats and some of the rare Tule goose that winter in your area I believe. It's very few that come thru there an being there at the right time is mandatory. The Tule geese nest in the Susitna river delta I hear. The majority over fly this area since they are headed long distance and this is too close to bother to stop, unless the mountain passes are socked in.


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