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    Anybody In Fairbanks licensed to do A marine survey?

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    I didn't find anyone when I last looked (2007). Closest I could find was ANC, but had to pay travel time and transportation costs, which ran cost to over $1000. I got the bank (AKUSA) to accept an appraisal from the Boat Shop. Cost $160. They were pretty useless when it came to finding out anything about the model of boat and value. I had to spoon-feed them info on the model and comps. It's like they had never heard of Google before. In their defense, it was an east coast ocean boat few people had ever heard of, so I will give them that. They did come up with an appraisal that was 50% higher then the value I was buying the boat for, so the Credit Union lapped it up. It all worked out.

    Salcha marine may be able to help you now also. When I was looking they were barely open, so I didn't even try. A friends son had one done there in the last couple months, and it worked out for him. I think it was $250. Survey missed a bunch of stuff, but he did get the financing he wanted with it.

    It depends on what you want the survey for and what type of boat. If it is going to be for a river boat, or just to satisfy the banks on an ocean boat, any of the shops might be able to do something to get you by. If it is a true survey on an ocean boat, not so much.
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