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    Default black tail decoy

    Okay, When I moved up from the lower 48 I brought up a whitetail deer decoy that I used when I hunted in Kansas/Iowa. We tried selling it at the garage sale before we left and no one wanted it, and well, its hunting stuff, so Im taking it with me. I have a brother on POW and getting it there is no problem as I still have the box( I save everything) and I can either ship it or take it with as extra baggage.

    Short of darkening up the forehead, I don't see any self respecting blacktail noticing it doesnt have forked antlers. Anyone tried using decoys out there and did it work for you? We had mixed success any time Ive used them before but thought since there are not deer here in the valley, this may be worth taking down there.

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    Sounds like a recipe for a gunshot wound to me. With the lack of blaze wearing in AK, not to mention the fact that we all think we are hunting alone (until we see the boot tracks on ours on the way home), I think many a hunter would gladly take a poke at your near deer decoy. I wouldn't jeopardize myself with using a decoy unless I was 100% that I was the only soul with a gun around.

    Not to mention, unless it's super duper lightweight, it's best left at home, i drag as little as possible into the deer woods (read, big hills if not mountains).


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