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Thread: Growing tomatoes in the house throughout winter?

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    Default Growing tomatoes in the house throughout winter?

    I am curious if anyone has tried growing tomatoes in the house over the winter. This was my first year gardening and after tasting my wonderful tomatoes I don't want to go back to the tasteless store bought ones

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    Some do but not sure they get ripe toms.
    Might need a good grow light.

    I't a a good way to have known good plants ready to go next year.

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    Tomatoes need lots of light. Even in a south facing window they tend to get very leggy in the winter. A grow light would help quite a bit. If you choose dwarf varieties of tomato they will not take up as much vertical space and will need less light. I have grown Tiny Tim tomatoes indoors and they did very well. I garden under lights all winter and friends are amazed by the constant supply of flowers two 4ft T5 lights can support and they draw 108 watts for the whole set up, but I lean toward dwarf hybrids and low light flowering annuals like impatiens, begonias, ect. Tomatoes need more room and light than what I have. Even the dwarf plants can get quite large for a houseplant. But I have done it and can get two tomatoes and two pepper plants under my four foot lights and have harvested small amounts of fresh veggies in the dead of winter. It was fun and people were impressed but I didn't get a lot of fruit from the experiment.

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    Default Yes, you can winter tomatoes

    A friend of mine wintered cuttings from a plant for three years. About February they start to look pathetic but pick up when the sun length increases. They also will produce faster than seeds, as a side note you can also use them to try some breeding on a line the next year.


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