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Thread: Meat processor/storage Tok or Glennallen area.

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    Default Meat processor/storage Tok or Glennallen area.

    I am planning on stopping by Eureka for three days and try and fill a DC480 tag before heading to moose camp in the Tok area and was wondering if anyone knew of a processor or anyplace in either Glennallen or Tok areas with cold storage where I could store a caribou or have it processed while I am hunting moose for ten days. Trying to save myself a trip from Eureka to Palmer then back to Tok. If anyone knows anyone or business that could help out let me know. Thanks!

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    Delta Meats would probably be your best bet, still a couple hours off extra driving.
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    Call Vicky at Tok mini storage. She has walk in freezers available running thru late sept and shes a pleasure to deal with. This is storage only.

    Ones her cell and the other a landline and I forget which is which




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