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Thread: Lower Kenai Penn / Homer Reports

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    Default Lower Kenai Penn / Homer Reports

    Haven't seen any recent reports for Anchor / Deep / Spit etc Silvers. Debating whether to do something different & head that way or stay with whats been a good run so far in the Anchorage/Valley. Are these areas seeing similar returns?

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    Anchor River - Silvers are showing up and in river. water is still low so fishing is still relatively slow. Fishing seems most productive in the early morning right up to about the time that i get there, or at least thats what they tell me! work the incoming tide in the evening also but mornings seem best so far. If we get a GOOD soaking rain, the next day should be very good fishing. Silvers are also jumping in mud bay at high tide and there are some running the beach out at the head of K-bay. no report on Deep creek or Ninilchik.

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    We were camped at Deep Creek last Friday night . . not red-hot, but saw a fair number of silvers on the cleaning table . .

    I didn't fish . . just hung out . .


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