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Thread: Question about the storage lot in whittier

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    Default Question about the storage lot in whittier

    Spoke with a buddy yesterday and he mentioned that the big lot in whittier now takes credit cards for payment, i thought wow they are getting a bit better at customer service BUT THEN he tells me yeah they take plastic but there is a TEN DOLLAR service fee for the charge !!! So not only do they have a pot holed parking lot they now charge you extra for the convenience of using a credit card. Is this true about the service charge ??? When he complained about it all he got was a shrug, so what happens if you want to use plastic for a couple days parking ? still ten bucks to use a card ??? Guess its about par for that dump . Oh by the way he went across the street and got a months parking/trailer storage for way less money and no problem with plastic. He said he will never set foot or trailer in that lot again.

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    Yup. Had same experience. I honestly can't believe the pot holes. No good for boat or trailer. Too much invested to drive over that twice a day. I mean how hard is it to run a grader through now and then.


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