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Thread: We hit a whale in PWS

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    Default We hit a whale in PWS

    Maybe some of you heard me on the radio with good Samaritans and/or the Coast Guard about 1:00 to 1:45 PM this last Friday the 16th.We were traveling north between Foul Bay and the southern point of Nellie Juan at about 25 MPH in three foot seas when we hit something (or more likely something hit us) very hard on the starboard side. My 7,500 lb Stabicraft went airborne and rolled to port about 45 degrees. My Son cracked his head pretty good, but I got the worst of it, I was thrown from the Captains position all the way to the other side of the cabin, causing multiple bruises, particularly my hip. I needed help to get off the boat in Whittier that evening. We never saw anything before or after the collision. We hailed a close by boat to please stand by while we checked for damage, including my 4 year old Granddaughter who was luckily in the cuddy area surrounded with soft stuff like sleeping bags pillows and blankets. She was unhurt. Amazingly there was no damage to props or anything else that we could see. When we got to Whittier and pulled the boat out we inspected the hull and could find no damage of any kind. That's why we're confident it was a whale and not a log.

    The point careful out there. Things can happen when you least expect it, and you may never see it coming. We were lucky.

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    Wow! That's some scary stuff. Can only imagine if someone had been on the back deck. Thank God you weren't hurt more seriously. Speedy recovery to you and your son.
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    Quote: The point careful out there. Things can happen when you least expect it, and you may never see it coming. We were lucky.

    Ditto what Stanly said and glad your grand daughter was not injured! I have serious mobility issues and have been leaving Whittier late at night to avoid slowing others down at the ramp. Last couple trips have been in the dark and I was thinking to myself..."Self, you may know where you are and where you are going, but you can't see anything well enough to avoid it". I wonder how far my little open 1000 lb. 20 footer would have flown if that would have happened to me. I'm sure I would have been thrown clear of the boat. Thanks for posting...time to rethink things.

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    I came through that area around 4pm and saw several whales on the point right there.
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    We heard the incident on the radio. Glad to hear you all weren't seriously injured. Scary to think of that kind of thing happening. Good thing the boat wasn't damaged, might have been a problem when the wind and waves kicked up on Friday afternoon.


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