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Thread: What Kind of Crab is This?

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    This guy squeezed through my shrimp pot tunnel even though I had a zip tie in the middle to keep stuff out. Short legs and spines all over. Very strong legs...he had a death grip with all of them on the wire mesh but I finally got him loose without injury. I've never seen one like this before...anyone know what specie it might be? Larger images at this link:

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    I think you're right, AKbrownsfan. Neat creature...definitely all wheel drive. I put him on the deck and he climbed right up the side of one of the mesh bags I keep my shrimp lines in. Thanks for the link!

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    The way they can tighten up, and breathe throught that hole in the one claw is really neat too. They fold up into a very tight 'box'. You can see how if they folded that one claw there is a hole that would be there. Glad you posted that picture.


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