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Thread: "asymetrical boot tongue"--?

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    Question "asymetrical boot tongue"--?

    i have recently seen this mentioned a few times---what is it?what problem is it designed to correct?---has anyone got boots that use this?---does it work?

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    Default I'll give it a whirl

    I believe it is a tongue designed to eliminate the extra bulk that needs to be stored when the tongue is tucked behind the laces. I am pretty sure that Lowa uses this concept on the Sheep Hunters, which I have. There is not a lot of excess material on either side (left or right) of the tongue so there is little to be "stored" and makes for a more comfortable fit. The excess material that is there is thinner and there is less padding where it folds over than there is where it doesn't so it make for a more balance/comfortable fit.

    I read once that a tongue will always travel back to where it was located when a boot is first tried on. Meaning, if the tongue is shifted to the left the first time you lace up and wear the boot, the tongue will always make it's way back to the left everytime you put the boot on after that. I have looked at my boots and I believe this to be true. That has nothing to do with your question, but thought it was interesting to point out.

    Just my observations.


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