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Thread: Ivishak Water Levels?

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    Default Ivishak Water Levels?

    I am heading up there in about a week with my wife and one of my sons. Planning a float. Anybody know the condition of the river right now? I'd appreciate any input.

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    Sorry, no first hand knowledge. A couple options for gaining some insight though: 1) send an email to Mike McCrary with 70 North, he and Bob have likely been flying in groups to the Ivishak recently and may have some idea on water levels, and/or 2) give the Arctic NWR office in Fairbanks a call, its possible one of their LE officers have been on the ground in the Ivishak drainage lately and can help you out.

    Have a great trip, and take lots of pictures. Depending on the weather water levels can vary daily. Oh, and don't forget to stop and fish every so often, the Dolly Varden / char are well worth it.

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    Thanks for the tip shearej. I did send an email to Mike. I hadn't thought about calling the ANWR office in Fairbanks. I might do that on Monday.

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    Cant say about the Ivishak water levels as we didnt make it up that far. However, the koyukuk and other rivers up there were at the lowest levels I have seen. Some of them would be tough to float in my packraft. This was the first couple of days of August. In the six or seven times I have been up there this was the lowest I have ever seen the water levels.



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