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Thread: Whittier Shore?

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    Default Whittier Shore?

    I'm driving my mom out to Whittier this weekend to catch a charter with her friends and I'll be stuck on land for the day while they halibut fish. Is there ANY shore fishing this time of year in Whittier? Or maybe suggestions on where to hike/and or pick berries? If not, I guess I will explore Whittier (haven't been there for about 8 years), drink coffee and read a book

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    There are a couple of trails just outside of town, you haven't missed anything in 8 years its still a dump, hope the weather is nice for ya !!

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    Have the silvers started to show up at Whittier yet? My wife and I were talking about making a run down there in a week or two but I havnt heard any news on if the silvers are showing up along the shore line by the town though.

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    I have always had good luck in mid august throught mid september at Salmon run. Well Ithink that is what it is called, down shotgun cove road at the state parking area. Pink flying C spinner has produced much better than a vibrex. I just wade out in the ocean a bit

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    There is great salmonberry picking to be had this time of year. Either take the trail that goes up and over the low pass to the left of the tunnel when looking at the tunnel opening, or take the trail that goes up and above town that is accessed from the road that goes past the old Buckner Building. That trail can be a bit tough to find, but it's pretty awesome with great berries and spectacular views. It is found off of a road that circles up and above the new bridge - you can get there from either end of that horseshoe road. You'll see what looks like a little pulloff with a gate across it - go past that gate and it will lead you to the trail.

    As for fishing, you can cast for herring off the breakwater near the ferry terminal or, as mentioned, you can cast for salmon at salmon run (just a little past the old Buckner Building). You can also find pinks in that small stream at the head of the bay.


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