I live on the east coast (NJ), 62 years young. I will be bow hunting Missouri Breaks this Sept for about 7 days (time is flexible) and if I can pull it off I would like to hunt for moose in Alaska if I can find a reliable hunting partner. I have had one successful guided grizzly hunt in 2010 and would now like to try an on our own opportunity.I would bring my bow and a gun as a back up. I have done some research and the TOK region offers some excellent drive in areas as well as floating opportunities but I am open to other areas. The fish and game people have been very helpful. I believe we can keep the costs down from $1000-$2,000 per person depending on where we stay and truck rental and or float rental.

I feel when you want to do something you can figure it out. I consider myself an experienced bow hunter averaging about 10 deer per year for the past 30 years.

I know it is getting late but thought I would give it a shot. If not this year then this can be a good start for 2014.

I look forward to meeting some new hunting buddies.

I can be reached here or at lonmoss@comcast.net or by phone 908-347-3556.


Lonnie Moss