I recently found that carburetor and choke cleaner will clean ALL THE GUNK from your firearms. (metal firearms) not sure about your composite handguns etc. Remove the grips and any wood parts that you can and spray liberally all in the works or on the parts if your firearm is field stripped. This will clean out everything, all old lube, carbon, gun powder etc. Just be sure to re lube after it is dry. Brake cleaner should work as well. You can get this cleaner in all the tight spaces, trigger group, hammer area etc. Just use it in a well ventilated area. This cleaner will completely evaporate BUT as it is cold as it does it will cause immediate moisture so be sure you dry and lube your firearm after it is clean as you want. Read all the warnings before using. I am looking for some Teflon lube for my guns. Graphite will work too but I like the spray Teflon that all the liquid evaporates after it dries. Good thing is you can get these cleaners at any auto shop, big box store etc.