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Thread: Black Bear hunting on Coalmine Rd.

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    Talking Black Bear hunting on Coalmine Rd.

    Looking for advice and information from anyone that has hunted black bears down there. Is this a feasible place to spot and stalk? Talked to a biologist that said there was a healthy population of bears in this area. I'm planning a hunting/fishing trip down there for the last week of June.

    Also, looking for information on spotting, stalking and calling bears. Not into baiting.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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    Theres lots of griz on coal mine, I have never even seen a single black bear track in there or even heard of someone seeing a black bear in there. Its wall to wall alders along coal mine in and around the lakes with some spruce. if you try calling I'd be ready for the worst. Those griz feed heavily on moose calves in that area.

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    We have a cabin in the area and have never seen a black bear in the area and we do a lot of back country hiking as well as just glassing. We've seen griz though! We see a lot more black bears between Delta and Tok.

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    I have to agree with the others. I used to fly down in that area quite a bit. Saw lots of grizz from the air, but never any blacks.

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    I hunted that area for many years for moose, never saw a single black bear but have seen many grizzlies in there. I would look somewhere else.


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