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Thread: Matanuska River - Chickaloon to Kings River

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    Default Matanuska River - Chickaloon to Kings River

    We are planning to hunt in Unit 14A, DM 408. We would like to use a 16' cataraft to access the south shore of the Matanuska River between the Chickaloon River and Kings River. I have scouted what I can from the highway, but would like to know about any surprises in the part I can't see. I am comfortable with class III water. I would appreciate any info from someone who has done this stretch.
    -Brooks Wade

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    If you're OK with what you can see from the road, you should be good. I've run the section from Chickaloon River down a number of times and the biggest hole is that one right at the end of the guardrail right along the road. There's some splashy water elsewhere, but nothing above Class III.

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    Shouldnt be a problem if you pick a good spot to cross. A lot of stretches in that river can be brutal. The main thing to watch out for i would say is the wind, it can really rip down that river bottom. Might want to make sure you tie your raft down extra good. You might also find out it is not the easiest country to hike through.

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    There is quite a bit of native land on that side so make sure you know where you can go without trouble. I've heard stories of confrontations but haven't had any personal experience dealing with them. The river is an easy run and any big holes are easily avoidable.

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    Default Pretty easy

    If the river is over 12k watch for the hole across from Carbon Creek(you can see it from the road)people get caught up in the fun waves along the bank then it's too late. It's not a keeper but has flipped alot of people. The worst hole cannot be seen from the road, but is easliy avoided and is river right behing a giant rock(quarter mile up from Nova Bend) it is a big nasty hole. Nova Bend can also flip a raft(outside bend) at higher water. The Carpenter Creek section has some waves, and used to have two holes that were fairly big but doable head on. The run is only class II+ but it does have a couple of things to watch for. The river was 11k the last time I looked, so just look downstream and read the water, but watch for some of these features, I know them well. Other than that have fun, pretty simple, except the hike up the otherside. At lower water the big features vanish and are just splashy

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    Thank you everybody for the replies with good info. It was just what I was looking for. I'll post again on this thread after we run it if our experience can add anything to what has already been posted.

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    Now that hunting (and rafting) seasons are over, I am going to close this thread. We waited until the river dropped to 10,000 CFCs and floated/hunted six times. We had permission from Chickaloon Moose Creek corp to hunt on their land, but being senior citizens, did not want to shoot anything too far from the river. We had six nice floats and saw no moose, legal or otherwise. There were more signs of bears than moose on the River banks. Thanks to all for taking the time to offer the accurate, detailed descriptions and advice. Because of this, we encountered no surprises on the river. This was a big help as two of the days had temperatures low enough to coat our cataraft with ice for most of the day. Thank you. Brooks and Rita Wade (gramma)


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