I don't know how or where it came from but after a visit from the co-op fellas he figured I have early blight. Late blight the garden would be dead in 2 days from what he was saying and basically mush (Irish potatoe famine). He took some samples back to UAF and figured out it was early blight.

some history, they're in a raised bed, bought seed potatoes from a local green house supplier. I've heard conflicting reports on watering/feeding so I did both sparingly, watering more than feeding. They are 'chiefs', a red potato. I was feeding MG 24-8-16, once a week early on roughly 3/4 tbsp. with 1/4 to 1/2 tbsp espon salt after they lost some color when they were smaller. It brought them right back and they took off. I cut back on the feeding but continued to water based on needs mostly, every handful of days or so.

His thought was I could trim the infected leaves/stems and I'd be ok. Over the last week I've almost completely trimmed the front row off with no end in sight. I'm contemplating cutting them down and digging things up in a week or two.

is there any remedies for it? Has anyone up here experienced it? Can I plant something on this section next year or do I need to let it sit? is there anything out of the norm I need to do for next year before winter hits knowing I have early blight?

The plants were nice big and healthy. They flowered, and went to seed when this happened.