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Thread: Anyone know a good mobile marine repair, Eagle River?

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    Default Anyone know a good mobile marine repair, Eagle River?

    My trailer wheel and axle is off until I get a new one and the boat wont start. Anyone know a good mobile marine repair. The boat tries to start, plenty of battery, but just doesn't start. Almost like the safety key "run" and "off" switch is in the off, even though it's not.

    When I tried to start the boat, had my wife look at the main belt and it isn't turning. Don't know engines, so isn't this supposed to be moving when trying to start it. Is that the problem?

    Need to know if there is a good mobile boat repair in Eagle River. I can't get it to a boat repair shop.

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    I know Heavy Weather Boat makes trips to Wittier and he live in ER you might call him.


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