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Thread: Resurrection Bay Halibut --where might they be?

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    Default Resurrection Bay Halibut --where might they be?

    Heading out to the cabin at Thumb Cove on Wed and I wanted to get my GF into a halibut off of her boat.

    I found an old thread for some locations around there recommending the rock slides around iron door and trying between Hive and Rugged island....and we might even try the cove itself...(i understand it can be slow to no-go)

    Any recommendations on any place else I should try within the bay? We have a 22ft jet boat so not too keen on going into the gulf.

    Also, what depth would they likely be at this time of year? Those spots vary and I have heard 60-70' and I have heard 120'...

    I appreciate any help getting started...

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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think you'll likely find that areas that have produced halibut in the past will be producing arrow tooth flounder this year. You can try around the tips of the islands in anywhere from 150 to 300 feet of water, but don't be suprised if what you hook fights like an old shoe and has a toothy grin.

    Personally I'd concentrate on silvers.
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    I have never found a truly consistent spot to fish halibut in the bay. When I target them, it is typically go here, go there, try there, look at the map, and usually, my son and I will get a limit with some small halibut. Occassionly, like 2 weeks ago, I catch a good one around 40-50 pounds, but it is rare. With that said, the closer you can get to the Gulf the better! Look for structure on your charts - like a shelf just before a deep trench or hole. You will find these around the very tips of the islands Paul mentioned. You can also try the flats out in Eldorado Narrows - again closer to the Gulf the better. Some folks swear that out in front of Bear Glacier is good, but I don't think I have caught one there ever.....probably just bad luck as they are scattered around everywhere really. As Paul noted, silvers should be pretty much everywhere and should provide far more exciting fishing than halibut will.

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    This time of year, anywhere there are salmon is worth trying for halibut. Be patient, use the freshest bait possible, and be patient.

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    Sorry to agree with everyone. at this time of year there is a very long State waters black cod fishery open. this is an open access fishery, so longliners can fish for days for blackcod and they do. Often they keep the halibut as part of their IFQ and this makes halibut fishing in the bay, even slower than it usually is. Sivers are great and there are plenty of smaller rock fish if you want some white meat for your barbecue. I would take them head, scale and gut them and paint them hoisen sause and put a few of those little buggers on the grill.Try right off thumb point light.

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    Well thanks guys. We will try silvers and butts cause we will be there.

    might try those rock fish too.

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    Try out just south of Mary's rock. Just south of there is a flat spot in between the rock piles. Ive caught some nice 70 pounders out of there. Or try out south of barwell island.

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