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Thread: Free Rented Cabins Up For Grabs, Resurrection Pass Trail

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    Default Free Rented Cabins Up For Grabs, Resurrection Pass Trail

    Hey guys and gals I've rented a couple cabins along Resurrection Pass Trail with hopes to use them while goat hunting, well I've found the goats and they're not where I had planned. Though, I do think this might be a good caribou spot for the lucky few to pull (well the lucky few to pull and then hunt) DC001.

    Fox Creek Cabin 8/12 - 8/15 (12 miles in from Hope, camped here in early July its a great cabin)
    Caribou Creek Cabin 8/15 - 8/16 (7 miles in from Hope)

    If you want the cabin/cabins post on here so multiple groups don't show up on the same day.

    Good Hunting

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    I just backpacked through Resurrection Pass on Thursday, 8 August. We spotted a few caribou skylined on the ridge north of the pass. It would've been a steep, but doable climb. I hope no one thinks I'm giving away too much information. If you pull an animal out of that area you will have certainly earned it.

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    Thanks----I would have jumped on this, but got my DC001 bou down yesterday! He was a pretty small bull, but considering the difficulty of this hunt I figured why wait. I'm pretty sore today. . . .


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