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Thread: Gulkana reds/grayling august access and camping?'s

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    Question Gulkana reds/grayling august access and camping?'s

    Was considering trying to fish the Gulkana for Reds or grayling in August and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the road access was like. Are there good holes to fish within a reasonable distance of the road and are there areas where primitive camping is allowed?

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    Road access and primitive camping? Find it, I'll buy it.

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    Default Yep Yep

    In August you can Camp at the Richardson Hgwy Bridge No Cost directly off the road. If you walk Up stream above the Bridge a distance you will be required to purchase a Ahtna permit.

    You can Go into Sailors Pit and Camp I think the cost is $10.0 per night good camp sites again Native Lands much less noise then the Richardson Bridge.

    Reds should be in numbers early to mid August. Grayling fishing will be slow at best with the fish running on the small side.

    If your up for a challange and I do mean Challange you could hike into Cayon Falls and find excellent Grayling , Rainbow and some Red fishing that time of year.

    You can also walk the trail off of Meyers Lake and walk into the East Fork. The BLM has done work on that trail and some people are utilizing wheelers to get in.

    If you do a Google Earth Search the trail heads for most of the system are on it.

    Another Option is to Rent a small Kick Boat and float from Sourdough Landing down to the Richardson Bridge and Camp as you wish.

    Just food for thought!

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Richard Mousseau

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    Smile Thanks Bluemoose

    Thank you Bluemoose that was very helpful. I may PM you a few more questions if you don't mind.


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