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Thread: where to flash freeze meat in Fairbanks

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    Default where to flash freeze meat in Fairbanks

    Hello from Wisconsin! I will be on a moose hunt in unit 20 A in September and want to fly home with some meat hopefully. I have heard that there are places that provide flash freezing of meat for travel. I was wondereing if there were any establishments that offered this service some where between Delta Junction and Fairbanks. We will be flying out of Fairbanks. Any other recomendations on how to get meat home would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Give Santa's Smokehouse (yes, really) a call. They'll do fish, not sure about game.
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    Santa's Smokehouse (Interior Fish Processors/IFP) will freeze meat, but not sure they will freeze meat they didn't cut and wrap. As far as 'flash freezing', I think they can get it fairly frozen in 12 hours...if they have freezer space to spread out the meat. A full 24 hours will insure a harder freeze and less bleed-through by the time you get home.


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