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Thread: Wheel Specs for a pac rat?

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    Default Wheel Specs for a pac rat?

    I have a single axle pac rat with 22" wheels and want to put 25" tires on it. Anyone know the bolt pattern and offset by chance? I'm just going to put steel wheels on them, but curious what other people have done

    Anyone do their own mods to their pac rat by chance? Was thinking of attaching a spare tire to the tongue with a U-bolt or putting a wire mesh gas can holder on there like I've seen on other meat trailers. I know people say they are tough, but it sure feels flimsy.

    Also, can you convert the single axle design to a double axle walking beam style by inserting a walking beam?

    I bought it used from a friend for a good price and can't find a lot of information about them.

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    Contact Plaschem, my opinion they are the best ATV trailer made. You can put 25s on the current rims and the tire and fuel tank carriers are fabbed. You can probably buy and mount cheaper than fabbing or rigging yourself. As far as the duel axle you will do better to sell that one and buy the one with the axle you want. They hold their value and turn quick when put on AK list.
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