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    Hey guys- I am fishing the Kenai with my 10 y/o next week for 4 days drifting with a couple area guides. We have one day open and I would like to take him for some walk in fishing. I don't want anyone's honey hole but I was more thinking of targeting some pinks with him, idea is quantity of hook ups.

    PM me if you can give me a good access point. We'll be staying in Soldotna.


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    Pinks run every other year up the Kenai and this is not one of them.

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    Take him down to Centennial campground right in Soldotna, easy access and you have a shot at some late sockeye, Silvers, trout, dollies and even a few possible pinks. Even though its not an even year there are some pinks that show up, my nephew caught one further up river weekend before last.
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