After the record heat and lack of rain, we got another record with rain. Fish are now flooding into the waterways.

The pinks are in abundance with the water turned black with so many of them. Behind them are the dollies; forever on the takedown for any eggs. Reds are finished both in the Buskin and Saltery. Silvers are soon to follow.

Best bet: Dolly Varden Char in the American River; catch 10 and some of them are in at around three pounds. Pinks are a lay down if that's your thing and they are everywhere.

By the way, there was a formal wedding IN THE BUSKIN RIVER last week. The bride and groom and all the attendants were dressed formal, were in waders, and all carried fishing poles. Wedding rings were presented to the couple in the mouths of previously caught kings. Both bride and groom immediately caught pinks after the exchange of vows. Is this a great country or what??!!

Me? Getting married to a Chinese national at sea in Kodiak the first clear weather day in September...

Rosenberg; Kodiak, AK / Sarasota, FL / Zhengzhou, CN