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Thread: AK hunting boat

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    Default AK hunting boat

    I have just recently moved to AK and I am a hunting finatic (if it walks, flys or climbs I will hunt it.) After being around the anchorage area and looking on the forum, I have notice a lot of boats. I would appreciate some help on what type of boat would be best suited for the rivers, and running the coast for bears.

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    Default Do all boat.

    First thing you have to come to understand is there is no do everything boat for Alaska. I have a 21ft Wooldridge Alaskan II. I ran this boat with a 150HP outboard with jet drive. Here in PWS the jet was not up to the task. Floatsum would block the intake and leave you digging seaweed weed out of the jet while bobbing in the sea. Great for the river and Yukon. For a two man Moose hunt, you will need a boat that can put over 2k on step minimum. Low side, in the salt you need something seaworthy. I changed mime from jet to prop and it is working great on my PWS Blackie hunt. Much safer, this maybe a way to go. I have two boats, out of the same boat. Only cost about 2500 to do the swap and takes a hour to do and mine can be done in the field. Boats are crazy high here. Do from homework before you buy, and remember that a cheap used boat will get you out there, but will it bring you home. Alaska is big dangerous country and it will chew up great gear. It will destroy gear not up to the task.

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    Default It's complicated-

    I agree with Steve on this one- no "everything" boats out there. I used to have a 20' jetboat and we went everywhere with it- rivers, ocean and lake and it came close to doing what we wanted. Nice thing about a jet in the salt is that it skips right over those deadheads (low floating logs) that will tear an outdrive right off a prop boat. But the kelp is an issue, as are trash bags, etc. Invest in a good grate rake! In the rivers I did suck up some gravel now and then, so I guess it's true everywhere.

    Living in Southcentral Alaska, a jetboat would be a great place to start. Ultimately though you will have to decide where your primary interests lie- and make the decision based on that.

    I have an eighteen foot cataraft that goes in a small airplane and it can run an outboard. I do a lot of flyout trips, so this boat is ideal for my purposes.

    Best of luck!

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