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Thread: Dedicated Technology 300 OSSM upper

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    Default Dedicated Technology 300 OSSM upper

    Anyone have any experience with a Dedicated Technology AR-15 upper in 300 OSSM? Interested to hear about the performance of the upper and this round.


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    I had an Olympic K8 300 ossm upper. So I can't speak for the brand just the round. The 300 ossm was very accurate. I used 25 wssm brass and necked it up. Used some tsx's and would shoot less than 1". Only complaint was the upper was heavy as it had a 26" heavy barrel. There is some reload data online and I can get my data when I get home if you want. Would be an excellent caribou etc round. Wish I still had it...

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    I have a DTech in .223 Rem. The fit and finish is amazing. And it shoots very well indeed. Enough so to be boring. Mike has been building uppers for over 15 years, and I have yet to find anyone who has felt disappointed by his work. He only uses Shilen barrels in his uppers, does all the blueprinting of the receiver, chambering and fitting in-house. You won't be disappointed. His wait times though are significant unfortunately.
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    I would be very interested in seeing your reloading data. I have looked at all of the data I can find online. I have been looking for brass and have had no luck finding any of the WSSM brass. What weight tsx's where you using? Really looking forward to working up a load for this caliber, should be fun.

    Everything I have read online echos your statements exactly concerning Mike. I have a 300 WSSM upper on order and should recieve it this winter. Looking for reloading components right now is proving to be a challenge though. Hopefully supplies will be back on the shelf by the time the upper arrives.

    Thanks for your responses

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    I had a 6.5 WSSM upper from Mike a few years back. Awesome work and incredibly accurate. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from him.
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