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Thread: Subsistance halibut question

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    As a resident sport fishing boat owner, can I take out a resident/native with a halibut subsistence permit? As I read the rules, I can not sport fish while the subsistence fishing is taking place and the fish is still on board and I can not be reimbursed for expenses. Am I missing anything else? Please chime in, thanks.

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    Yes you can take them out.
    You may not handle any of the gear.
    You must be in a legal subsistence zone.
    Check the NOAA website and read the rules.
    You don't want to get your butt in trouble with the feds.
    My wife,stepson,and a whole bunch of my family and friends have SHARC cards. I have a boat but no card.
    I have done a lot of research on this.
    If you are the least bit unsure of the rules,regs,and zones do not do it.

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