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    Has anyone seen, heard, or caught any Silvers in or around Homer yet? I know it's early but I'm aware of two reliable gill netters who've caught several nice Silvers while netting for Reds. Perhaps some of you charter guys can fill in the gaps here. I'm thinking of flying up within the next few days for halibut and it sure would be nice if the Silvers were starting to show up. They typically hit Pt. Adams, & Silver Ridge prior to moving closer to Homer. Any reliable reports is greatly appreciated.

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    They were slaying them off Flat last week, expect them at Pogy soon.
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    Flat Island was hot yesterday. The only problem was you almost had to take a number to find a spot to fish, because of all the boats.
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    Great to hear from both Dave & Dan regarding the arrival of Silvers. Seems that the Silvers might actually show up in numbers this year. The previous two seasons has been difficult. I'll be booking my flight for mid week and look forward to hitting Pt.Pogy & Flat Is. Anyone else with additional info is always appreciated. Can't wait to hit the salt again.

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    Two of us fished Pogy today: boated 6 silvers, lost 2 and hauled in a 25lb king. Water flat all day. Lots of boats out.

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    Any reports from Silver Ridge, Sand Waves, or the Fingers. It's considerably further out into Cook Inlet but the silver fishing there can be incredible when Flat Island and Pogy are just so so. Huge bait balls out there also bring 30#+ halibut to the downriggers and it's not uncommon to connect with a limit of fine eating halibut while catching silvers. Just wondering if anyone has made the trip out there yet.


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