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Thread: Heading down the Yukon

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    Default Heading down the Yukon

    So, what are you doing to get ready to make the run downstream from the Yukon bridge?
    What pieces of advice do you have for people making the run down.

    I am:

    Working on my fuel transfer apparatus. An electric fuel pump (acts as a spare for my boat motor) a racor filter with a clear bowl, and a bunch of 3/8 fuel hose. I mount it inside a plastic crate. We will be carrying fuel in 30 and 15 gal drums and fill the tanks on the go using the 12 volt plug at the helm. When we gas up in Tannana, we will fill the barrels instead of the boat tanks. That way, the fuel is filtered twice before it goes to the motor. Once out of the barrel into the tank and then the inline filter for the motor. I may double up that one too.

    Also looking at buying a rocket stove for burning sticks/wood instead of gas. Maybe some solar charged light bulbs instead of the lantern too.

    I just rebuilt the 351w and am still rechecking all of that. Rebuilt the jet while the motor was out.

    Getting a new top since the last one leaked badly last year.

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    Daved now the solar powered lights is a good idea that is original right there I was looking at buying a new LED lantern but you got a good idea right there....


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