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Thread: Lining halibut reel

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    Anyone have a good way to effectively line (100lb Tuf Line XP) a halibut reel (Penn Special Senator 114HL)? I don't have a line spooler and dont want to pay to have it done if I can do it myself. I would line it like I line all my other reels, but I dont think I will have the chance to pull up a 250 lb fish on my trolling rods and I dont want my line to sink into the spool.


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    Tie one end off to a tree and then pull against the tree to put tension on the line while you reel it up pulling yourself toward the tree. You can put as much tension as you want on it depending on how hard you want to crank .

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    have one person hold the spool with a screw driver and the other person reel, if it is only you, wrap the line around a railing and put the spool into a bucket of water (only fill the bucket so half the spool is submerged)


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    What I normally do is wind the line on the spool as tight as I could get it by hand then on the next fishing trip tie a small lead weight on the line (1/2oz works well) and during the trip out to the fishing hole throw the weight over the fantail and let the line free-spool out when it got down to the backing or spool flip the bail and reel it back in. There are a few precautions though first the boat only cruised at 18knots second do not use to big of a weight, and last if you have a fighting belt put it on before you latch the bail to reel in the line. It is also nice to have a comfortable chair and a cold beverage handy.


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