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Thread: Where can I find a lower unit

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    Default Where can I find a lower unit

    In an eariler post I talked about running over a rock and limping back home.

    Prop shop in Homer can fix the SS Duoprop for about $150.00 a few bends not serious damage. CAC Plastics in Wasilla has the boat and Steve is sure we can get the boat back to new condition, he also talked to me about later Ospreys and marketing claims vs. what the construction is actually like. Interesting, not that I have a bad boat ... towards the end they started to comprise some stated features for profit.

    The upper unit on my Volvo Penta outdrive is good, the spline between the upper and lower unit was not stressed at all and will reuse it. The problem is to find a rebuilt lower unit for a DP-SM 1.78 ratio, 2003 vintage. SHIP in Seward does not have the time to rebuild the one I have and neither does Odies in Anchorage. Both say it is something they do over the winter, takes lots of time and specialized tools.

    Right now I have an email in progress to someone on EBAY in Massichucets (sp?)

    Getting sick of driving C-180 Skywagons and late model C-6 Chevy Corvetts (although the MDA Ride event at Birchwood tomorrow night, put on by the Anchorage Hot Rod Assoc is cool ... love those kids).

    Any other thoughts?

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    sent ya a pm.

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