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Thread: How many tags can you get...

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    Default How many tags can you get...

    and still function in life? A friend (and kids) drew 5 caribou and two moose tags in three or four units. His wife jokingly said he may not have a job after september. I now have tickets for 5 deer, 3 black bears, 1 moose, bought a brown bear tag, drew sheep, drew caribou, and still find myself eyeing some of the registration goat tags. I'm not sure my career or marriage can take it
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    Folks in unit 23 can get 5 Caribou a day, by limit, a Sheep, a Brown Bear, 3 Black Bear, a Moose, and all the trapping they can handle.......

    Your hands will be full, mine are, but you might think about throwing off the yoke of being a tax slave and get with the wildlife full time....theres not much $$$ in it, but the great health from the chase and its rewards are worth it!......and take yer wife, she might like that too
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    I'm just a weekend warrior come August and September, but my wife and I are going sheep hunting (harvest ticket) and drew two antlerless moose permits and a caribou permit. Add to that helping two friends with their caribou permits (before I am allowed to hunt my own), a nephew with a antlerless permit in an area I don't know, and another nephew that wants to climb for black bears, and it's shaping up to be a busy fall!


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