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Thread: Day 1 of 8 Packrafting Adventure July 2013

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    Default Day 1 of 8 Packrafting Adventure July 2013

    Here's Day 1 of 8 from our recent Kobuk/Noatak adventure for sheefish and char...packrafting trip.

    Flew out of Kotz with Jared Cummings of Golden Eagle Outfitters. Great pilot, awesome service.

    The weather was dismal starting off, so Jared dropped us off on the Kobuk for sheefish until the weather improved in the Noatak drainage.

    If you haven't targeted sheefish, you might put it on your bucket list, because those girls can fight big. Most fish were in the 20-22-lb range, with numerous fish over 30-lbs!

    Day 1 we used only one PR-49 to gain access to the sheefish...3 guys and fishing gear in one packraft. Check it out:


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    That just got me amped up for my trip in a few weeks!

    Thanks for posting Larry!


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    Wheres day 2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGAKSTUFF View Post
    Wheres day 2?

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    Larry, if you only knew how envious some of us lower 48 folks get when reading and seeing about your adventures. You truely know how to live. I am not complainiing mind ya, just living through ya.

    If anyone missed it Larry and Golden Eagle are two of the best in the buisness. I have met both of them-- Jared as well as Larry do folks right.


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