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Thread: RV Rental for haul road

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    Default RV Rental for haul road

    Any ideas for a rv rental the first week of sept.for a hunt on the haul rd.From Fairbanks
    I would appriciate any help that can send me in the right direction


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    Default I've read in a previous post

    These guys do

    GoNorth Alaska Travel Center

    Don't know personally.

    Good luck.

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    Default Go north

    They will rent a cab over camper for haul road use. Twice I have stoped to help people in these rentals with flats on the haul road. Twice I had to crawl under the truck and cut the cable holding up the spare tire. The cab over made it imposible to get to the hole in the bumper you lower the spare through. One of the spares was flat and I repared it and aired it up for them. Go north is a good company but I would insist on 2 accesible spares for the haul road.
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    Default Trail of tears!!

    I drove my RV up there once and will never do it again. There were times when the best speed was only 15 MPH, wash board shaking the filling from your teeth. It is really a rough road with some get out and push hills and then some OMG can I stop this thing going back down. Brakes smell like they are on fire. People do it, I just will not be one of them. The motor on my RV started making a ticking sound on that trip. About 2000 miles later and on a trip to Valdez the Motor blew. They wanted 3000 bucks to tow it back to Fairbanks. If you do go make sure you have a plan if things go south. It is a trip of a life time, just a rough place with not many places to get help. I'm going back this year but a tent will be my home and the RV will be at the house.

    Good Luck


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